Full Day Beach BBQ/Fishing/Snorkeling/ Lobster Hunting & Conch Hunting

$600 USD up to 4 people

Trip last 6-8 hours

Fishing & snorkeling gear provided

Drinks provided

We will pick you up at the dock closest to where you are staying. We will be ready with all fishing and snorkeling gear.

Then we head out and start doing some fishing. Depending on the weather the guide will decide on where best to fish!

Most days we do anchor fish and trolling for snappers, jacks or barracudas.

We will fish for 2 to 3 hrs or on until we have enough for lunch. Then we take you to the reef where we all snorkel and look for conch and lobster (When in season).

After snorkeling we then take you to a beach where we will clean, prep and cook your catch of the day.

While you wait for lunch we’ll have a bowl of ceviche ready for you to snack on. Ceviche might be fish, conch, or lobster (When in season).

After lunch if there is still time we can do some more snorkeling or just head back.

Time to start

If you are an early person we can start as early as 7:30am or as late as 9:00 am

The tour last 6 to 8 hrs. We include drinks water, sodas, rum punch.

Never fished or snorkel?

If you have never snorkel or fish before we will be more than happy to teach you and get you comfortable. 

Additional persons $100 USD each